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Find out how departments use Ad Sales Genius to streamline their business.


Easily double your call volume with click to dial and on-click notes, automatic emails, and call back reminder prioritization.


From generation, to storage, to emailing, our software handles it all. Create the proposals you need as PDFs and send them to your customers in an instant.


Easily double your call volume with click to dial and on-click notes, automatic emails, and call back reminder prioritization.


From aging, to account balances, to payment summary reports, and more! Easy and instant visibility into all finanical aspects.

Ad Requests

Know the health of each advertiser with one-click access. Contracts, proposals, invoices, payments, notes, history and more are all in a single place.

Payment Plans

Customize and track your payment plans to better accommodate your advertisers. Payment schedules and terms are automatically added to proposals and referenced in invoices.

Run Sheets

No more missing ads! The real-time run sheets let the art department know instantly which ads have been sold. You can track pages, placement, ad requests and proof statuses and so much more!


Provide your clients with easy and safe links to pay online and even store billing information for future payment. Automatically bill credit cards on file to speed up and improve timely payment.

Digital Proofs

Simply upload your ad and send it to your customer. Then, your customer can then easily view and place pins on the proof to request changes, approve with changes or return the ad for revisions.


Create incentives to grow sales by making your process more visible and enhancing communications between departments.


Find out what you could do better in the future. Get your departments together to review successes and failures.

the beginning-to-end solution

Within the publishing market, there are many products that do a good job at one specific thing. Unfortunately, they are overly complex and don't play nice with one another. We're putting an end to the patchwork problem. Ad Sales Genius is the first beginning-to-end solution that handles all back-office processes – no engineering degree required.


Our powerful CRM allows for prospecting, followups, forecasting, proposals, custom fee structures and so much more.

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Use custom workflows, ad proofs, asset management and advanced integrations to super charge your production team.

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Flexible accounting tools to fit every need with powerful reporting, payment plans, general ledgers and a lot more.

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