Ad Sales Genius Wins Mahlab Contract

February 27, 2018 – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Ad Sales Genius is please to announce that Mahlab is now using the Ad Sales Genius Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to meet their advertising and content management needs.

Mahlab is a content marketing agency that produces content and content strategies for brands and associations across multiple platforms – content hubs, magazines, video, blogs, social media and e-newsletters.  Mahlab is an editorially led agency, expert at understanding audiences and creating content that resonates with and engages them.  They also help brand develop content platforms.  A highly commercial lens is part of their make-up and they have sales teams that generate revenue from the content they produce for their clients.

Ad Sales Genius will help Mahlap gain efficiencies by managing their CRM with our innovative software solution.  We will integrate their accounting needs under a single platform. 

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