Apple’s WWDC Privacy Announcement Is a Gift to Publishers

June 6, 2019 We’re nearing the end of the spring season, which means one thing to many in the tech world: another collection of announcements and product unveiling at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). WWDC provides developers and consumers a glimpse into Apple’s future, serving as both a product unveiling and a platform for the … Continue reading

Ad Sales Genius Partners With January Spring

May 28, 2019 Ad Sales Genius has partnered with January Spring, a digital agency that partners with businesses to grow digital revenue with hands-on, experienced, digital sales professionals working alongside your team. Many of our customers already rely upon January Spring to buy, optimize, and deliver their digital campaigns. Benefits for Ad Sales Genius Customers … Continue reading

Ad Sales Genius Launches Monthly Ad Sales Report

May 1, 2019 Ad Sales Genius launched its Ad Sales Report today, a monthly web-based report that measures ad sales trends from the company’s anonymized CRM data drawn from a variety of media industries. The Ad Sales Report allows publishers, online advertisers, out-of-home sales professionals, and event/expo planners to gauge their performance against averaged data … Continue reading

Texas Monthly Magazine Signs With Ad Sales Genius

Texas Monthly has joined the growing list of publishers using Ad Sales Genius to manage their ad sales. Since 1973, the magazine has reported on news, politics, industry, and other issues vital to the lives of people living throughout Texas. The recipient of more than 14 National Magazine Awards, Texas Monthly is read by more … Continue reading

Feature Spotlight: Trend Reporting

Ever needed to answer the question, “How are the numbers looking?” If you have, you know that quality reporting not only serves as the main barometer of your company’s success, it can also help you evaluate results in new areas of growth or investment. With Ad Sales Genius’ custom reporting, you have the power to … Continue reading

Feature Spotlight: Auto-Renewing Products

Performing repetitive or duplicate work isn’t just inefficient, it’s bothersome for the people who have to do it. When it comes to ad sales—whether for publishing, out-of-home, online, or expo/event planning—you want to be able to enter the advertiser’s data as efficiently as possible. Not only so you can keep selling, but also others on … Continue reading

Feature Spotlight: Flat Planning for Magazines and Publishers

From checking on the progress of pages assigned to your production team to ensuring ad placements are accurate, an effective flat planning process can help keep your publication’s team in sync to ensure a quality final product At Ad Sales Genius, we took that idea one step further. Our flat planning drag and drop, making … Continue reading

Feature Spotlight: Fully Customizable Reporting

If you’re relying on CRM software to manage your company’s ad sales, chances are you are relying on the reports it can provide to evaluate your success. But are your built-in reports measuring the metrics most important to you? At Ad Sales Genius, we kept observing a similar trend among owners, managers, and stakeholders who … Continue reading

Feature Spotlight: Integrated PDF Preflighting

Printing isn’t cheap, and just one problem within a file can cost you both time and money. Worse yet, there are hundreds of potential errors that can occur within seemingly ready-for-print PDF files, from incompatible color profiles to file resolutions that don’t translate into a clear image on paper. Without an efficient preflighting process, you … Continue reading

Television Academy, Presenter of The Emmys, Chooses Ad Sales Genius

Ad Sales Genius is proud to welcome Television Academy Foundation as a new addition to our client family. The Television Academy is known by many as the presenter of the Emmy Awards, a flagship prime time event recognizing excellence in television that precedes the annual premiere season. More Businesses Are Choosing Ad Sales Genius From … Continue reading

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