Perfect for coupon books

Have you sold all of your placements? Are competitor placements spaced far enough apart? We know, running a coupon book has its unique challenges. Ad Sales Genius has been built to make your life easier.

Sell like never before

We've built the first CRM that is tailored to fit the your sales process. Our powerful set of tools will allow your sales team to prospect, follow up and forecast. They'll even be able to create proposals with custom fee structures.

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Plan your Coupon book

Our flat planning tool allows you to map out your coupon book in the most efficient way possible. Create sections, drag and drop insertions and flow content right around all common coupon formats.

Collaborate with teams

Set statuses
Leave comments

Attach notes

Manage Zones

We know, not all zones are created equal. Configure and managing rates by zone or even by the total number delivered couln't be easier.

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Bill the way you sell

There are so many ways to sell digital advertising: on-delivery, fixed amount, with or without thresholds, etc. We give you the flexibility to bill based on your sales efforts – not the other way around.

the beginning-to-end solution

Within the publishing market, there are many products that do a good job at one specific thing. Unfortunately, they are overly complex and don't play nice with one another. We're putting an end to the patchwork problem. Ad Sales Genius is the first beginning-to-end solution that handles all back-office processes – no engineering degree required.


Our powerful CRM allows for prospecting, followups, forecasting, proposals, custom fee structures and so much more.

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Use custom workflows, ad proofs, asset management and advanced integrations to super charge your production team.

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Flexible accounting tools to fit every need with powerful reporting, payment plans, general ledgers and a lot more.

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