Produce like never before

We've built tools that ensure a seamless handoff between sales and production and cover all aspects of insertion management.


See every sold item with all the details you need. Filter by client, assigned ad, page number, you name it.

Ad requests

No more confusion. Set clear marching orders. Create and assign ad requests and track their status.


Have your clients approve or decline proofs and add comments and attachments for clarification.

File formats

Whether it's working comps or production ready artwork, we can handle the most specific requirements.

Store production ready artwork on the advertiser’s account.
Ads are served directly to websites, kiosks or digital signs.
Gather and manage all relevant art materials.
Keep on top of your previous efforts with Ad Versioning.

Plan out your publication

Our flat planning tool allows you to map out your coupon book in the most efficient way possible. Create sections, drag and drop insertions and flow content right around all common coupon formats.

Collaborate with teams

Set statuses
Leave comments

Attach notes

How we help other departments


Our powerful CRM allows for prospecting, followups, forecasting, proposals, custom fee structures and so much more.

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"Money In/Out" just isn't enough. With Ad Sales Genius you'll be able to automate workflows and know when to invoice what.

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